Sunday, February 19, 2012

Salutations Citizens!

Hola amigo! Bonjour ami! Ciao amico! 友人こんにちは!!مرحبا صديق

I am Sir Scottastic, and this is my movie blog (which will only be in English from here on...sorry for getting your hopes up)! I'd like to start off by dedicating this blog to the people who have inspired it: my friends and loved ones. For without them telling me to "stop talking about movies all the time and just make a damn blog already," this blog would not exist. But seriously, I've gotten a lot of great support from many terrific people who seem to have enjoyed my movie banter and opinions enough to suggest I make a blog. So here it is!

As for my main reason for starting this blog: I love movies. As simple as that.  Freaking love'em! I've loved watching movies since forever, I follow movie news, I worked at a theater for 2 and a half years while going through high school (best high school job in the world, free movie dates!), I have a collection of over 360 movies, and I get bummed when there are a bunch of great movies out and I'm unable to see them before they leave the theater. So there are some of my credentials.

Close mindedness is not something I subscribe to. Anything from Sci-Fi to Chi-Fli (just made that up...stands for "Chick Flicks," copyright Reel Hero Inc!), I'll give it a chance.  So if you have  suggestions of any movie you think I should check out, let me know! 

The initial focus of this blog was to review movies, giving people a good idea of what to expect going into one. But I'll also be throwing out some general opinion blogs and posts about upcoming movies to look out for.

The reason for the name of this blog: I enjoy a good play on words, I like to warn people before they waste their precious time and hard earned money on a movie they probably won't like, and I like giving attention to movies that get over looked. For example, one of my favorite movies is Serenity (high quality Sci-Fi action flicks are in short supply, this is one of them...had it made more money at the box office they'd have made well deserved sequels).

Speaking of reviews and opinions: mine are not that of a professional columnist, film industry specialist, or English major (so go gentle). I am simply a person who watches movies to be entertained. A part of the "general movie going public" if you will. So if you are looking for really in-depth, hyper analytical, hob-snobbish, professionally rendered opinions...and if you can only find enjoyment in movies that are critically acclaimed and/or Oscar worthy, then you're in the wrong place. If you just love watching movies for the fun of it and can look past some faults for a good time...then welcome to my blog :)


  1. Good luck with this Scott. I like the name.
    Uncle Rick (aka Uncle Steve) ;-)

  2. I like your writing style and I will use your reviews.
    Thanks for the Ghost Rider warning.

    Little Lady