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Horror fans, keep an eye out for this one! - The Cabin In The Woods


I'm a major cynic when it comes to Horror movies. While I love a good one, I find they usually suck. "Oh no, college kid! Don't go in there like you're doing right now when it's so obvious you'll get your face removed by that tall dirty gentleman standing around the corner holding a meat cleaver! Perhaps you should just act like you have a brain and l*Slice*...idiot." So when I see one coming out that looks like it might actually turn out to be worth watching, I like to give it attention.

Now, I can't speak much for the trailer, as it's filled with a lot of the usual horror movie cliche's, but I'm thinking The Cabin in the Woods is a movie you horror movie fans should keep an eye out for and here's why: it appears to have a interesting premise, it's out a month from today and it's already screened for some critics with very positive results, Chris Hemsworth, and Joss Whedon. I'll explain these points below.

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So the premise of the movie is somewhat the usual and somewhat not. From

Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

Sounds familiar, until you watch the trailer and see that it appears the "more than they bargained for" is that these poor souls have become unwitting test subjects and the woods surrounding them having become a controlled environment for some of sort ungodly horrors. Not mind blowing, I know, until you take a look some of the early reviews on one of my favorite sites: Rotten Tomatoes.

This is intriguing because when a film studio isn't confident in one of their movies they usually won't screen it for critics. This happens with A LOT of horror movies because, unfortunately yet truly, again, they usually blow. Also, often times movie screenings for critics will happen within the week leading up the the release of the movie. So given that this movie is a month from release, it's already screened and the studio has allowed reviews to be made public, and these reviews seem to be very positive, it's looking like we might have a decent to very good horror movie on our hands here. A rarity!

Which leads to my final point: Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, Thor) is currently a rising star whose done a great job thus far of being very likeable (seems like a genuinely decent person as well)...and Joss Whedon. Joss co-writter and co-producer this film and his name roughly translates into English as "one who makes awesome media." His projects often excellently juggle a decently sized cast of main characters, intelligent/witty scripting, and genuine thrills (I get to say stuff like that now because I write movie reviews...right?). And it's looking like all of these elements are well at play here. 

The Cabin In The Woods traps you in the woods with your friends on April 13th of this year and is Rated R. 

What do you think? Chat it up in the comments below!

UPDATE: If you want to know more, I found another great article here which explains the premise with more detail and has made me over more interested in this film: Cabin in the Woods Is the Coolest Movie No One Should Be Talking About

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