Thursday, May 3, 2012

AMAZING TRAILER ALERT - The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer #3

What a week for comic book folk, eh?  First a new trailer for the next Batman movie, now we have this really great looking trailer for Amazing Spider-Man just released today, and tomorrow (or in 5 hours of you're me) the comic gods have blessed us with The Avengers. Coincidentally, they can all be viewed together since both trailers will be running along with The Avengers, but if (like me) you just can't wait, here's that Spidey trailer:

It's been kinda goofy seeing the tagline "The untold story" running with this reboot already told origin ('s a reboot). But this trailer gives us a good glimpse into what would makes it new ground for the character, and it most certainly appears to be. In a film anyways. The background of Peter Parker's parent's mysterious disappearance have been explained in the comics, so it'll be interesting to see the angle Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) will take with it cinematically.

While Sam Raimi was able to bring us 2 very good Spider-Man films and one entertaining, though incredibly flawed, one (although you'd realize why if you knew the development of the film), The Amazing Spider-Man appears to be taking a different, more raw, tone and approach. Gone are the kid gloves, replaced with more gritty action. And, thankfully, it appears the dialog is more natural and less forced this time around. Not to mention Spider-Man actually being a smart ass (the car jacker scene in the trailer)! So it's starting to look like a more mature approach to the character that will probably appeal to more people. But time will tell. Until then, this is one of my more anticipated movies of this year..given that I'm a massive Spider-Man geek.

The Amazing Spider-Man webslings into theaters this July 3rd.

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  1. This trailer gives me a good vibe for the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man seems more like the Spider-Man from the comics with his witty comebacks and remarks as he's fighting. I am excited for this one. Good thoughts on this one!